Are you someone who enjoys wearing latex? Well, you should know that you are not alone. Latex is one of the most popular materials today, and there are many different pieces of clothing made of it that you can find. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether men can wear it. The story of latex for men is long, but we’ll start from the beginning. 

Latex Clothing

Wearing latex is not new. The material has been around for centuries, and millions are enjoying it every day. But what is interesting is that latex is a lot more popular among women. That is not surprising considering there are plenty of different choices made specifically with women in mind.


While nothing is stopping men from wearing latex, the situation is a bit more complicated than that. Firstly, as you can guess, the choices are far more limited for male clothing. You won’t be able to find as many pieces of clothing designed for guys specifically, and they might not even be available at your local store but you can find them here


Of course, the popularity of latex grows by the day, and more and more people are interested in checking it out. That means that it is a lot easier to find something that tickles your fancy, regardless of your gender. Hopefully, the market will continue to grow even more, and we will have even more incredible models in the future. 

Men’s Fashion Over The Years

As you already know, men’s fashion changed a lot throughout history. In the early days, not many people thought about fashion. The main goal was to survive. As times improved and people became able to dress for pleasure and not only to keep themselves safe, they started paying attention to what they were wearing. 


Even in the middle ages, you could tell an important person from an average Joe by their clothes. The main difference was often that it wasn’t dirty and covered in mud. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, men often wore wigs and high-heels, and there are several examples of them wearing clothes that are considered “feminine” today. 

Of course, many pieces of clothing still had functionality as the main goal. High heels would make it impossible for the foot to slip in the stirrup, and longer coats were still comfortable while riding. Near the end of the eighteenth century, men started adopting the “peacock” style, where the idea was to be almost as flamboyant as possible. 


During the Industrial Revolution, the focus again shifted towards useability and functionality. Outfits weren’t as colorful or impressive, and they played the same role business suits play today. Men rarely wore casual outfits, and it was something reserved for the privacy of one’s home. 


With the introduction of cars arrived tuxedos as well, and they remained rather popular in the twenties. Tuxedos lead to suits, and they are quite similar to what we have today. Of course, many people believe that fashion of the twenty-first century is dull, but it has so much to offer. 


Even if we talk just about business suits, there are so many different models and styles to experiment with. 

Men Wearing Latex

What many people don’t know is that latex fashion is not new. In fact, latex coats have been around for nearly two hundred years! So, men used to wear latex, but the raincoats made of rubber and similar pieces of clothing were almost forgotten for a while. 


Latex started making its return in underground communities, especially those focusing on BDSM. Today, more and more men are willing to experiment with latex, and there are plenty of options to choose from. But even today, latex is mostly reserved for underground communities. 


If you are wondering whether society will accept you, it mostly depends on the location you live in. There are many places where men wearing latex are not surprising at all. But at the same time, some areas of our planet are not as accepting, and people might judge you. 


It seems that we are making small steps towards a better future, and the entire latex situation is a lot more forgiving than it was a couple of years ago. 

The Perfect Occasion to Wear Latex

When is the perfect opportunity for you to wear latex? Is there such an occasion? Well, it mostly depends on who you are and what you enjoy. There are those who adore the feel of latex, and they love wearing it on a regular basis. 


If you adore being in contact with this material, you can always find underwear made of latex. The reason why this is such a great option is that you won’t need to worry about other people. Who cares what they think about it! Besides, they will never know. 


Furthermore, many people enjoy wearing latex during sex, and there are plenty of models designed for this occasion. Those interested in wearing latex at formal events will be delighted to know that you can find suits and even tuxedos made from this material. So, the only thing that remains is for you to find a suitable model, and find the right size. 

How to Pull Off Latex Wear

Wearing latex is quite simple. You don’t need a degree to use it. But at the same time, there are a few things you will need to know. One of the most important things for latex garments is to find something that fits you. And it needs to be a perfect fit. Getting either too tight or too loose will make it quite uncomfortable, and the material can get damaged. 


While we are on the subject of damage, you will need to learn how to take care of it. This includes cleaning, storing, and ensuring the clothes don’t get destroyed. Furthermore, you will need to learn how to dress and undress without damaging the material. 


Yes, it might sound complex, but it’s quite simple. You can also use lubricants or talcum powder to make everything simpler. Of course, the crucial part is to find the right size. It is the only way to pull it off and look good while wearing it.