Getting hooked by anal hooks

Though they may come across as rather extreme to many newbies in the BDSM arena, anal hooks are quite a versatile toy. Indeed, they can enhance your sex life and help you get powerful orgasms, especially when you combine them with other toys and techniques. 

In the increasingly opulent sex toy arena, butt hooks are relatively easy to use. They boast a simplistic design, featuring a ball on one side of a curved piece of metal and topped by a ring on the other side. The ring can be secured to a rope, chain, or dominant partner’s finger. 

Typically worn by a submissive partner during sex play, this convenient toy can be combined with bondage equipment in a full-blown BDSM session as it allows superior anal stimulation and submission on the part of the receiving partner. 

Still, note that hooks involve a somewhat higher degree of discomfort compared to other BDSM toys. This is why you should use them with due care and in a controlled manner during advanced play to avoid unexpected surprises in the sack.

Tips and tricks

Butt hooks are the stars of anal training. In essence, the role of an anal hook is to submit the receiving party to a compromising or uncomfortable position. That may (or may not) involve hard-core domination or public humiliation, e.g., crawling on all fours or having little freedom of movement thanks to harnesses and ropes. In short, the Dom will have full control.

Additionally, you may find butt hooks useful in preparation for anal sex with experienced BDSM partners. Once the hook is placed, the dominant partner can put their finger in the ring and gently move the hook or apply stimulation with a vibrator.

If you have never used anal hooks before, you should be extra careful during insertion and employ generous lubricant quantities to minimize discomfort. You might need to slow down or interrupt sex play if the insertion causes too much pain.

Anal stimulation buildup should be gradual at all times, and you need to control hook play dynamic and depth to avoid stress, aches, and/or soreness. 

Are anal hooks intended for women only?

Much to the delight of BDSM lovers, butt hooks can be used by both female and male partners. Since the toy is not gender-exclusive, you can use it when experimenting with anal sex with male, female, and transgender partners alike. As long as they give you their full consent, of course. 

What’s more, it is possible to use anal hooks in heated bed sessions with multiple partners. That is great news for people who prefer multi-partner to monogamous sexual adventures.

Still, do note that experiments with anal hooks require adequate preparation. So, don’t go into the bedroom wielding them if you do not know how to use them properly. If you’re new to BDSM anal play, you might want to try sex hooks out on your own to get a better idea of how you can make use of them before you introduce them into dual- or multi-player sex sprees. 

For maximum convenience, it is also possible to use anal hooks in BDSM switch games. But, you’ll need to ensure the safety of use and sex toy cleanliness to minimize the risk of SDTs and similar infections.  

What sizes do I need to try first?

Sex hooks are made of stainless steel, chrome metal, silicone, and/or plastic, which makes long-term maintenance easy. When purchasing the toy, always go for butt hooks with a ball to avoid anus injury. 

Some sex hooks come with interchangeable balls, allowing you to swap them easily on the fly and increase their effect and versatility in BDSM play. 

Still, it is necessary to take into account the fact that sex hooks with interchangeable balls are not as safe as their mono-ball counterparts as the ball can become loose. Also, the hook is much more prone to bacterial buildup. That can result in lower efficiency and reduced safety and durability in the long run. 

As a BDSM newbie, you can start with the smallest size until you become comfortable toting a hook at your rear end. As you grow accustomed to anal play, you can experiment with different ball shapes and sizes as much as you want to. After all, it’s the sensation that matters and not the size when it comes to sex play.

Will anal hooks give long-lasting sensation?

Anal hooks can boost orgasm intensity and duration in the sack. But, you need to be open to experiments down the road in terms of ball size and shape. 

When it comes to using sex hooks in BDSM play, it’s pretty much the same as when taking up any sport or hobby. From the first hesitant attempts at anal play, you’ll be gradually able to advance to mastery of butt pleasure.

To ensure lasting pleasure when using anal hooks in the bedroom, you might want to try out different sizes and shapes. However, be sure to make agreeable levels of discomfort your priority. Also, aim for health safety at all times and clean your butt toys before and after every use. In addition, you should put safety first during bed play and be gentle in experiments with your anal hook arsenal. 

Last but not least, if you feel the pleasure derived from anal play has begun to wane, you can always try a different hook shape or size or experiment with different hook materials.

You can look around and see what Lovegasm and its list have to offer, especially if you’re looking to try something new with your sex life. You’ll be surprised just how much variety in terms of anal stimulation you may draw from changes in your sex toy routine. Good luck!