Say the phrase “sex toys,” and slightly antiquated visions of Sex and the City’s over-the-top embodiment of sex positivity Samantha Jones spending a weekend cozied up with her vibrator might come to mind. Sex toys are the things we turn to when we’re feeling lonely, or horny, or bored—and when we don’t want to exert the additional effort manual masturbation tends to require.

But sex toys don’t have to be reserved solely for the realm of lonely nights or lackadaisical weekends; one oft-overlooked option is to bring a sex toy into the bedroom, with a partner, and let the fun unfold from there. Like other toys, they are sometimes most fun when used with (one or more) friends.

Sure, integrating a clunky vibrator into your partner-play repertoire might be awkward to choreograph at first, but it’s often well worth the effort. These encounters pave the way for frank communication, unique sexual experiences (See these 6 unique sex stories), and awkward memories that might be funny to recount at parties one day. Plus, there are a handful (heh) of hands-free toys that are designed to be used during intercourse and carry the promise of seamlessly fitting into your sexual routine.

Here, expert-recommended, customer-approved, fashionable, hands-free toys that you can weave into your routine without giving it a second thought.

LELO Tiani

The LELO Tiani 2 allows for penetration, vibration, and remote control—making it a hands-free sex toy triple threat, minus the ego of sentient triple threats.

Extra Quiet Panty Vibrator

Coco Cameron, a representative from the sex toy boutique Lovehoney, recommends this whisper-quiet, wearable vibrator that fits snugly under clothing (read: into your underwear) for discreet stimulation. Just make sure you don’t wear this one anywhere you don’t want to be orgasming.

Steel Penis Ring

This Fifty Shades-inspired toy is molded from sleek, cool steel. It also comes engraved with a phrase uttered by the fictional Christian Grey himself. Whether you choose to repeat this particular phrase mid-coitus is between you, your partner, and whatever gods you may or may not believe in.

b-Vibe Novice

This small, easy-to-insert anal plug is perfect for people just starting to explore the joys of butt stuff (like, getting their butts stuffed). Though the b-Vibe Novice is small, its powerful motor packs a serious punch. Plus, it can be controlled by an external wireless remote. (Remember: When using anal toys, lube is a must!)

Eva Clitoral Massager

Hands-free and strap-free, Eva is one of the more discreet couples’ toys on the market. (One of our editors gave Eva a test-run last year and had some ups and downs with it—read about her experience here.)

Rabbit Penis Ring

This Fifty Shades-inspired toy is a penis ring-rabbit vibrator hybrid. The ring is thin, molded from soft silicone to slide comfortably onto the penis, while the rabbit-shaped extension is there to provide targeted vibrations and clitoral stimulation to the wearer’s partner. Not sure where Fifty Shades comes into play, exactly, but the toy is part of Lovehoney’s Fifty Shades Freed collection.

The Original Venus Butterfly

Katy Zvolerin, a representative from the sex toy boutique Adam & Eve, says this wearable toy is a “cult classic.” Judging by its adorable pink surface and powerful motor, we can totally see why.

Couple’s Enhancer Ring

Zvolerin says this waterproof penis ring will provide sensations to both partners during sex—but that the position of the bullet vibe ensures targeted clitoral stimulation, which is often lacking during many of the popular positions for intercourse.

Club Vibe 3.OH

The Club Vibe 3.OH can easily fit into your underwear, pants, or whatever else you’re wearing. The nub provides targeted stimulation, and the remote responds to voice-activated cues. “OH” is right!

Je Joue Mio

This penis ring is made of soft, stretchy silicone that makes it comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off. Lisa Finn, a representative from the sex toy boutique Babeland, says the low rumble of the ring’s motor will provide deep sensations for both the wearer and the wearer’s partner.