What comes to your mind first when you think of women’s lingerie? Do you think about seduction, or do you dislike the idea of sex fashion? Most of the time, of course, men don’t care about fashion. They are looking forward to an adventure, whether their partner spent some time and money on their clothing or not. And yet, most of them will agree that a nice piece of lingerie drives them insane! Let’s see what seductive garments for sex can do to your man!

Thin-Fabric T-Shirt and Little Cotton Panties 

This combination doesn’t necessarily have to be sexy in everybody’s eyes. But imagine your woman wearing thin clothes in front of you the whole day! Even if nothing shows through, it makes your mind dirty as hell. 


The combination sounds more like a lazy day, comfort, and sweetness. But, underneath may come out quickly enough after the two of you decide that it is time to go further. It tickles your imagination. It makes you wonder, and it makes you want more.

A Red Corset, Black Thigh Highs 

Red is the color of love or naughty behavior — whichever you prefer! And since men love black because it is mysterious, these two colors are a perfect match. 


A corset is a support garment that women wore to hold the torso through centuries. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular items in the sex fashion category. It enhances the whole figure, and it looks a bit devilish and mysterious.


People who like cosplay would usually go for this combo to make their desired fantasy come to life. Men see women who wear black thigh highs as vibrant and confident. Most of them said it reminded them of the time when they were still exploring each other.


Dark red corset and black thigh highs combined look more than special. Women look confident and mature while wearing this combination. But, they also look distant and make you want to explore what else they can offer.

A Garter Belt and Stockings

Ah, the garter belt and stockings! If you want to feel like a movie star, you must try them! Feel romantic and sexy at the same time. Stop restraining your imagination!


Some men would enjoy a combination of garter belts and stockings with heels and red lipstick to boot. Others have a kink for a sexy skirt or bra. But, all such combinations look so fantastic and sexy on a woman, and most ladies would agree they like the feeling of wearing them too. 

Pajama Pants, Fuzzy Socks, or Slippers

What is the perfect combination of sexy and comfortable? Pyjama Pants and Fuzzy Socks, certainly! You can combine pajama pants with slippers, too, if the two of you like it more that way.


Do you find slipping into a soft pair of pajamas before bed uniquely satisfying and sexy in some ways? What about you men? Do you think women are attractive when they wear silk pajama pants? Does that satisfy your sense of touch and your eyesight?


Women certainly feel beautiful and sexy going to bed with seductive clothing. Soft and luxurious material satisfies your needs for feeling great and staying comfortable.


Men notice everything. A lot appears to their mind while watching you. They fantasize about you, and they want you because you are so relaxed and sexy.

Oversized T-Shirts

What are the endorphin activators here? Legs? Is it attractive to men when a lady only exposes her legs? It sure is sexy, but an oversized t-shirt blocks everything else from the viewer’s eyes. What is seductive about that anyway?


Well, hands are exposed — beautiful, soft, small, innocent hands of a woman. But, there is something else to consider as well. Some men like it when their girlfriend/wife/partner wears their clothing items. It feels intimate, and it creates a special bond.


If you want to know how to turn a guy on, ask if you could wear his oversized t-shirt. It’s a boost to their ego, and it creates some special energy between the two of you. The scents of your bodies will merge and lead you to the let’s-do-more stage. It truly is about the special connection here and the hormones of happiness and all the lovely feelings.  

A Skirt With No Panties On

Men are not critical about fashion, so we often forget to dress for them. But they do like the undressing part. How do you feel about giving your man a little surprise beneath your mini skirt? Would you decide not to wear your panties for him?


Hearing about it out of the blue or not expecting it when you go there with your hand is sexy as hell. What would you do if your girlfriend whispered to you in public that she is panties-free under her mini skirt? Would you go crazy and feel butterflies in your stomach? Or, would you be disappointed?


Not everybody likes the idea, but many would go crazy for their women if they let them know or find out about that themselves.

Underwear Made of Bacon

Bacon underwear is not for everyone. If you are an adventurous type, you might feel like trying this bacon-scented underwear. The smell of breakfast cooking in your pants, they said. Would you like to try them? Would you like your girlfriend to wear them for you?


So, bacon. The meat almost nobody who doesn’t have a special diet can resist. They put it on cupcakes, and they mix it with melon! Hell, it seems like they sprinkle the scent of bacon on underwear for both women and men!


And, hear us out on this — they make underwear from bacon too! It sounds a bit insane, but bacon lovers unite! What are your thoughts on this? Do you dislike the idea, or are you the opposite of that? We are sure some of you would like to, at least, try it!