Butt plugs are the most popular devices for additional stimulation of the anal zone during sex. They are made mainly of latex, silicone, PVC, or less often of plastic. Butt plugs are used to increase sensitivity during sex by expanding the walls of the anus, and the walls of the vagina are thus reversed, and the contact of the penis with the vagina is increased. We recommend to pay attention to the stoppers made of silicone, they are pleasant to use and safe for the body.

What is anal plug for?

At first it is a very beautiful intimate accessory, with which your ass will sparkle like never before, unless of course it has a decorative pebble. Secondly, with an anal plug, you can quickly, painlessly (with special anal lubricant) prepare an ass for anal sex, and thirdly, vaginal sex with anal plug becomes even more pleasant for both partners, especially if you use the famous 3-inch loveplugs glass plug.

Purpose of anal plug

Most modern women and men prefer anal sex. But there are couples who are extremely negative to him, which is associated with pain and discomfort. As you know, the anal passage consists of nerve endings, touching which can cause an unsurpassed orgasm and a bunch of incredible emotions. That is why, experts recommend using anal plugs. They help to diversify intimate relationships and are completely safe for health. With the butt plug and chafing this is a very important matter now.

Cork making material

Often, silicone, rubber, glass or metal are used to make an accessory. The choice of material depends only on the desires and preferences of the client. Fans of extreme sports are advised to buy metal products, as they very quickly take on body temperature and do not have stitches. The best material for such exquisite toys is silicone, and even better medical silicone. These premium materials are the safest, they are easily cleaned after use, do not collect harmful microorganisms on themselves, and do not emit phthalates and other substances.

How to choose the size?

Getting pleasure depends entirely on the correct size of the cork. Beginners are encouraged to select models with a minimum length and diameter, gradually increasing in size. Many appreciated the inflatable tube, because it can be inflated during erotic games.

Which lubricant is better to use?

The anal opening does not emit a natural lubricant; therefore it is necessary to use lubricants during sex. Lubricants containing fat are not suitable in this case. Use water-based lubricants. Too flavored products may have components that cause allergies and irritation. Before using the device, read the instructions for use and select the appropriate lubricant.

A Huffingtonpost article stresses the importance of lubes. Read it now!

Rules of preparation for the use of anal plug

The most important and crucial point is the first introduction, so it is better to do it yourself, together with silicone lubricant. After each use, wash the toy thoroughly to clean its surface. Lubricant can always be bought in our store throughout Ukraine.

Butt plugs are designed for those who love extreme exotic sensations and are not satisfied with only classical forms of satisfaction. Each subsequent use of the anal plug will become even more pleasant.

What do sexologists say?

Sexologists have a positive attitude to the use of intimate toys. They argue that these accessories increase self-esteem and bring partners together. The main thing is to follow the instructions for use, and then your sex will be unforgettable.

Butt plug stimulates the muscles of the anus, preparing it for anal sex. Butt plug looks like a small dildo. Anal stimulants in the modern world are made of various materials, among them latex, rubber, medical silicone, glass, plastic, metal. Butt plugs are made in various forms; there are both classic models and less standard ones with various additions in the form of spikes and ribbing. Stimulators for the anus come in with vibration and with the function of increasing size with a pump. Butt plug has a cone shape to immerse it in the anus without fear.

The stimulator for the anus creates pressure on the muscles and further stimulates them during sex. It is also used to prepare for anal sex. Anal stimulator is suitable for use by both men and women. When weakening the muscles of the vagina in women, you can also use the anal plug as an additional pleasant sensation. Ribs for the anus of the ribbed form are suitable for stimulating the prostate and improving the blood circulation of the pelvic organs. Some add sensations during intimate games, some wear the butt plug at home, training the muscles of the anus, and who is bolder – inserts the butt plug and goes outside, listening to their pleasant sensations.

How to use the anal plug

In order to determine the size and shape of the anal plug, you should contact the specialists of the online store. If you have never tried to insert a stopper into the anus and did not experience the joy of anal sex, then the best choice for you will be a butt plug made of a softer material: latex, silicone, etc. Do not overdo it with the size, because choosing an accessory of a large size, you risk getting rectal micro traumas. And you do not need it.

Before applying the anal stimulator, you need to relax your body as well as the anus as much as possible. Trust your partner! Do not forget to grease the butt plug with water-based lubricant. The butt plug is inserted slowly, without sharp shocks, to an incomplete depth. Stimulators of the anus are inserted carefully and differ from the introduction of the vibrator.

If an anus stimulator is used for training before anal sex, it is better to insert it and hold it inside. Butt plug is also used to enhance sensations during vaginal sex.

The anal stimulator is best prepared for insertion into the anus with the aid of a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Do not use grease-based lubricants, various oils and petrolatum.

For a more comfortable insertion of the anal plug, it is better to prepare the anus with an enema and how to clean the intestines. The anal stimulant is easy to clean and is washed with regular soap and warm water. To avoid infection, use a condom that needs to be put on the stopper. Do not use the butt plug at the same time for vaginal sex and for anal. Such negligence can lead to infection, because the micro flora of the anus and vagina are different from each other. Follow the rules and caution when applying anal plug and enjoy the joys of intimate relationships.