Dildos, vibrators, love balls, lube – Sex toys, which is an indispensable part of many bedrooms nowadays. Heterosexuals use sex toys as well as homosexuals, and sex toys are also an integral part of love life for many couples.

Last but not least, the design of many sex shops shows that sex toys have become absolutely socially acceptable: open, bright, with clearly marked entrance areas. Gone are the days when you had to sneak stealthily through side entrances into the shops. In addition, there are all sorts of erotic mail order houses and almost everything is available on the Internet, which stimulates fantasies and increases the libido. With all this you need to know how to take care of anal vibrator.

Allowed is what pleases!

In couple relationships, the same applies to the use of sex toys, which also applies when trying out new sexual practices: what is allowed is what is allowed. Not every sex toy is suitable for her and him. Try new things, but be considerate of your partner!

When buying sex toys it is also important not to take everything at face value, which the advertising promises. A critical approach is essential in the selection of new “playmates”, as well as the knowledge of your own body.

Dildo and vibrator

When keyword sex toys many fall probably first of the dildo and its battery-charged successor, the vibrator. The dildo should have been invented several thousand years ago. Representations of this sex toys modeled after the penis are already found in illustrations from antiquity.

Numerous models in various shapes and sizes, made of different materials (glass, plastic or metal) and various additional functions, are now available on the market. Thus, the size of the penis replacement can be changed by mechanical pumping or the filling of water at will. There is also the option to “retrofit”: There are special essays available, for example, for targeted stimulation of the clitoris or to simultaneously create a vaginal, clitoral and anal sensory experience.

For example, in the case of vibrators, some products allow individual adjustment of the vibration intensity. Women usually use vibrators for external stimulation. True pleasure climaxes should trigger dildos, soak up the fluid and release it – similar to ejaculation. The effects can often be amplified when the dildo or vibrator is cooled or warmed up. However, care should be taken here, as exaggerated heat or cold can cause damage to the tissue.

Frequently, in the absence of professionally produced sex toys or for cost reasons certain foods like cucumbers, carrots, etc. bottles are used. However, there are risks: bottles may burst, splinters in the vagina or in the intestine can lead to serious internal injuries. This situation represents an absolute medical emergency. Apart from the risk of breakage, the manipulation can create a vacuum that makes the removal of the bottle possible only with the help of a doctor. In the case of aerosol cans there is again the risk that the cap will loosen and can no longer be removed without medical intervention. Also food should not use man or woman without hesitation; on the surface of cucumbers, carrots, bananas etc. Regardless of the choice of pleasure item, it is particularly important in the anal area that sufficient lubricant is used to prevent injuries.

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Anal Dildo

Special toys modeled for the anus are available in abundance. Most of these are slightly smaller than dildos for vaginal use. In any case, care should be taken that an end is thickened. If you introduce a “normal” dildo, it can be completely absorbed by the intestines and subsequently removed without medical help. This is prevented by a thickened end. Some anal dildos are also equipped with feet including suction cup, so that one end is firmly on the ground when the dildo is used sitting.

In addition, there are also anal stimulators in chain form. These are aligned balls that are inserted into the anus. To strengthen the orgasm they are then jerkily – ball by ball – removed again. Particularly sophisticated are the stimulators for penis and anus. In men, the anal stimulation aims primarily at the sensitive region of the prostate, which should lead to particularly intense orgasms. Anal dildos are also sometimes combined with testicular and penile loops or rings to strengthen the erection. Anal dildos are also available with a motor.

Love balls for the woman

The balls are inserted into the vagina and vibrate when moving, which should give rise to an increased sense of pleasure. The idea of ??love balls comes from Japan. The so-called Rin-no-tama or even Ben-wa was not used during the lovemaking. Rather, the women wore them in everyday life. The models of that time were made of metal.

Love balls are mostly made of plastic these days. However, little has changed in the field of application. The stimulation by the balls is often not enough to bring about an immediate orgasm, but the wearing can increase the sensitivity to pleasure. In addition, there are special balls to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which is associated with intense orgasms.

Bondage Games

Bondage games are now well known and enjoy increasing popularity. Whether one necessarily fetters from the sex shop needed, but is questionable, as well as a silk scarf does his services. There is no doubt that the restraints available in the relevant stores are more sophisticated, but such designs are likely to go beyond average home use. Handcuffs are also available in all conceivable designs and combinations.

However, the material used should under no circumstances lead to skin incisions or severe constrictions. It is especially important to make sure that the blood circulation is never interrupted. With bondage of any kind the tied person must be freed after a short time and under no circumstances must be left alone in a room.

Ropes, belts and scarves can also be found in the autoerotic asphyxiation (breath control) using, in which people during the act of masturbation strangulation or the air supply cut off (sometimes with plastic wrap or chemicals). Caution: This technique is life-threatening and calls again and again – some prominent – fatalities! However, the numbers are to be treated with caution: many of the incidents are falsely classified by lawyers as suicides.


Also in this segment there is a wide range of different products. Lubricants are used primarily to compensate for missing moisture in the vagina or in special sex practices (anal intercourse) to increase the lubricity in order to minimize the risk of injury. Lubricants should be water-soluble and pH-neutral and should not damage them when condoms are used. Often, baby or massage oils are used as a substitute for the more costly slip creams; however, these can dissolve condoms. As a general rule, lubricants should always consider whether they can affect the protective effect of condoms, both in terms of contraception and venereal disease.