A butt plug or anal plug, is a sex toy between piercing, anal jewelry and a small dildo. He is introduced to the anus. Due to its special shape, it keeps on its own. The sphincter clasps the shaft and the larger end of the plug prevents the plug from slipping into the anus. There are butt plugs in different designs. The size, color and shape but also the material is very different. There are also plugs with a vibrator and even with a possibility to flow through a weak current. Another variant are plugs made of rubber, latex or plastic to inflate. Another variation is plugs that you can open and close. You can in the plug z. B. fill hot liquid, so to say a hot water bottle for the butt. Some people put the plug in the fridge before use. Plugs can be used to prepare for anal intercourse as well as sexual stimulation for men and woman both. But the relation between butt plugs and men is more intense. Butt Plugs are made of plastic, silicone, jelly, glass, ceramic, stone, wood, stainless steel, aluminum or brass.

Which anal plugs are there?

Cheap plugs made of plastic primarily for sexual stimulation or for the preparation of anal intercourse (anal sex, anal erotic) serve by stretching the sphincter painless and thus contribute to anal stretching.  High-quality butt plugs are made of stainless steel and represent a kind between intimate jewelry and a small dildo.

These plugs are usually decorated with stones or jewelry at the back end. Depending on the size and shaft diameter, they are barely noticeable or just very noticeable. These plugs are decorated and have a special design which is comparable to a piece of jewelry. Of course, these plugs are a lot more expensive than the cheap plastic plugs. They are small works of art, comparable to a stainless steel chain, a ring or jewelry made of stainless steel in general. A butt plug is an anal jewelry stimulated at the same time. He fits into the series of genital jewelry or a genital piercing. Sometimes such plugs are called Rosebud or Crystal Rosebud. Such a plug is an extravagant and extraordinary sexual gem. It is luxurious, sophisticated, unconventional and erotic sparkling.

The weight of a butt plug

The weight of a butt plug differs considerably. While a small plastic plug weighs only a few grams, with a stainless steel plug it can exceed 500 grams. Especially heavy stainless steel plugs offer besides the beautiful appearance also a stimulating feeling. You have to try out the difference between light and heavy weight yourself in order to know and feel what suits you better or does you good. Lighter plugs are less noticeable and do not stimulate like heavy plugs. In addition to the diameter of the shaft just the weight is crucial for a sexual stimulation.

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Who wears an anal plug or anal jewelry?

Butt plugs are worn by women and men. The still prevalent assumption that only homosexual men are excitable in the anal area has been refuted empirically for a long time. It does not matter what sexual imprint you have. Whether heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or gay, depending on your disposition and sensitivity, the use of a butt plug becomes part of one’s sexual variety and allows one to fulfill one’s sexual fantasies. Butt plugs are also often used in the BDSM area. Sometimes to punish the bottom (subs, with extremely oversized plugs) or for sexual pleasure (with plugs that excite and do good). Plugs go well with paint, leather, latex and other fetish.

In men, a plug for prostate stimulation can be very appealing (depends on the length and shape of the plug). For women, it is extremely pleasurable to be filled in front and back. To really experience what it feels like, you have to try it out. Imagine you are wearing a butt plug and your partner does not know about it until yes, until he is discovered! Surely that is a big surprise and brings new momentum in the sex life and experience because in such an “inappropriate” area only a few suspect a piece of jewelry of this special kind, which also serves for sexual stimulation. You can wear a plug during the day, secretly, in public. You always feel it and it excites you and all the people around you do not suspect in the least what you have for a little secret in you! A tingling sensation in the middle of gray everyday life, which makes the sun rise! High-quality butt plugs are just sophisticated toys made of noble materials, which have only one goal: to fully serve the desire of men and women.

Does a stainless steel butt plug feel cold?

Some people think a stainless steel butt plug feels uncomfortably cold. That’s not true! Stainless steel jewelry immediately takes on body temperature and is pleasantly warm. It is similar to a stainless steel chain or ring. Anyone who has ever worn a stainless steel chain will be able to confirm that. To see various butt plugs of this kind, click here.

Can I come to orgasm with a butt plug?

Men and women can come to anal orgasm with anal plugs. But the “normal” orgasm is often enhanced by the anal stimulation, z. B. with the use of a XXL stainless steel anal plug. As the muscles in the genital and anal areas contract or contract during orgasm, you can feel an additional stimulation through the butt plug in the anal area because the sphincter clings to the plug.

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Where can I buy good anal plugs, butt plugs and rosebud anal jewelry?

Best in a specialized shop with experience in this field, you will find a large selection in the assortment whether beginner or professional, there is something for everyone. If you have questions you can always write an e-mail or call.

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